Closeing in on the season finale for 2017

I wanted to take some time to write about the season of 2017, it may not been as recognizable as it could have been but that was never the plan for this season. Now when we are compiting in the last runs of our raceseason i think its time to look back at what we accomplished this season. 


So when season started in late march, i had the idea of not pushing to hard on my dogs or on my self in the upcoming season. I wanted to keep it back and not go for the limits and think of what i could accomplish and just to enter the big competitions. With Peski, i had in end of march the Eurupean Open Team try outs (actully our 2nd competition after the training season), in middle of june the Finnish Champs and begining of july the AWC Team tryouts that we where going to enter. Because i tryed a diffrent of season and with focusing on specific thinks to train, i just wanted to se where my dogs did land on it. I also learned alot more about my dogs and what they need on the course from me to help them preform good. With Peski i founded a good way to make him preform good on the course and the result of that is that now with just a few runs left of the season, Peski has runned 37 clean runs since the season start in late march. 


With Ránes i knowed a year ago that next season is not going to put up somthing big on his ways, so i was not pushing on it for succsess. We hade to brak up something from his past to make him faster and me more courageous on the course, and by the help of my absolutely great coaches s we manage that. I was last winter (September-May) atending to a traing program in Kuopio at Koirakoulu ACE, that helped me and Ránes to get to be more as a team than two individuals. Now when we work more as a team on the course, we are one of the fastest on the courses. Ránes have this season manage to run 24 runs without a DQ, and 11 times we been the fastest on the course (both agility and jump runs). Next training season is going to be more about the small pices being put together and mady next season is going to be Ránes´s season. 


Both my competing dogs have also gone thru some physical training to help them to go faster and to get more durability. I now noticed that it have relly worked on there way of preformence so that is somthing i will really put much time on this upcomming trainig season. 


Then what comes to my youngster...well he also have gone thru the physical traingin as the big boys, off course a bit easyer trainig. You see the diffrence right away when they are running, that Sly have the capacity to go fast and long runs. I also done some agility training off course with him but i will not hurry with him to the competitions, i want to have him ready for it befor i start running him for real. I have leard from my mistakes and going to make some things better with Sly, and work very much on the obstacle skills for him. Sly and i will aslo this winter be going to the same trainig program as i was with Ránes last winter on, in Kuopio. I know that with my passion for this sport and the knowleadge of my coaches i will get a very great dog to run in the future